Why We Need To Throw ‘Fire And Fury’ And Clinton Into The Trash.

During Barrack Obama presidency, many claims were made about the then president’s religious affiliation and Donald Trump even led an investigation into Obama’s birth certificate. Watching the 2018 Grammy’s this year was depressing to say the least, it felt as if everyone had forgotten the words of Michelle Obama:

“When they go low, we go high.” – Michelle Obama, DNC, 2016

Hillary Clinton certainly did not heed those words as she got on stage and read excerpts from a sensationalist piece of literature if we could even call it that. Ask yourself if Donald Trump would have read an excerpt from the number of negative books written about Obama during his presidency. Don’t worry he would’ve had a large selection to choose from:  “Impeachable Offenses” or “The Manchurian President”“Divider-in-Chief” or “The Obama Nation”? “Culture of Corruption” or “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”. Now ask yourself, what would have been the reaction? He would have been labeled a racist, and rightly so. So how come liberals have not called Hillary as sore loser, which is what she is acting like.

Obama Book

Fire and Fury, like many of the negative books written about Obama and his administration, which  Hillary was a part of were discarded as the sensationalist pieces of writings that they were. So why are TV shows like The Daily Show treating the book like the bible of Trump. 

As you would expect Trump has chimed in with his view about Hillary’s appearance and for once I found this Trump tweet funny, and not even unintentionally funny like most of his tweets. 

Trump is correct here, Fire and Fury is a #fakenews book that needs to be thrown in the garbage. 

P.S Snoop Dogg we expect this nonsense from Hillary, but not you.


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