The New Aston Martin DB4 ‘Continuation’ GT’s Have arrived.

On September 1959, Aston Martin unveiled released the DB4 GT, it was the last of the straight-laced and stiff-upper-lip dice  before the Swinging Sixties arrived.  Its name DB4 GT came from the fact it was  the special, lightweight high-performance version of its predecessor the DB4, famously, only 75 were produced.

If you missed out in 1959, now it is your time to get your hands own a limited edition DB4 GT. Aston Martin have revealed that their ‘Continuation’ line will see the DB4 GT reborn, and this time they are not making 75  buy a mere 25 £1.5 million limited edition models.

The DB4 GT. will be built on the same Newport Pagnell production line as the originals, these new Astons will be the first to be built-in the facility for over a decade. The last Astons to make their way out of the production line at Newport were the last generation of Vanquishes in 2007. 

Purists you can relax, under the bonnet will be the same Tadek Marek -designed 3.7-litre straight six, but this time it will produce an upgraded 340bhp because its 2018 and a 1.5 million supercar needs to be fast.  The DB4 GT will also weigh 1,230kg, which will make for a great racer something the original DB4 GT was well-known for.

I you have the money to go out and purchase one of these iconic British motors, then Aston will offer you a two-year international track driving program.

The continuation series so far seems to be going from strength to strength, what iconic model should Aston Martin bring back? Tell us in the comment section.   


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