See The World’s First Permanent Ice Hotel.

Let all your cares melt away at the worlds first permanent ice hotel, Sweden’s Icehotel 365 is now open to the public year round. 

For the last decades the Swedes have been constructing an ice hotel every winter and letting it melt away during the summer months. CNN have dubbed this tradition  original pop-up”, the ice hotel is designed and then constructed with over 5,000 tonnes of water frozen from the Torne River.

The owner have listened to you ice hotel enthusiasts and your dream are coming true, the new building has been unveiled by the owners – the building will be open all year round and will be kept cold with sustainable energy.

With temperatures of -5 degrees, thick capes, high quality sleeping bags and expensive furs will be provided to keep you warm.

The Icehotel 365 is not just a hotel made from ice it is also the first luxury hotel made of ice (we only care about luxury here). According to Thisweek: “Deluxe suites come equipped with their own private saunas, while the hotel boasts a bar offering champagne and cocktails and even an art gallery filled with icy sculptures”. 

Situated 124 miles atop Arctic Circle in Jukkasjarvi, the Icehotel 365 will use solar panels as its main source of energy, this is due to the fact that it will get permanent sunlight during the Swedish summer. The solar panels  will harvest enough energy to keep the building frozen at a chilly -5C, a temperature which the owner believes will prevent the ice structure from melting whilst also providing a “comfortable” climate in which to reside. 

Some sections of the hotel will be allowed to melt, which will make renovations a simple affair.

The 130,000kWh of energy produced per year is enough to power other buildings, too, including restaurants and offices. 

The Icehotel has developed over the years from its humble beginnings as it was a “little more than a well-crafted igloo”, says the Conde Nast Traveler

However, unlike its predecessor, the Icehotel has a foundation of concrete walls covered in a mixture of ice and snow. Steel pipes have also been dug into the freezing permafrost to keep inside temperature low. 

But purist can also still marvel at the original all ice structure, which will still be rebuilt by artist and designers every year and will offer guests the chance to experience Aurora borealis.




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