Are These The Most Beautiful Porsches Ever Made?

“If you ask someone to draw a sportscar, the chances are high that what they draw will look a lot like a Porsche.”

These are the words of Brittanie Kinch the author of a new book ‘The Porsche Effect’, a new inquiry of the effect Porsche has had on pop culture and the motor industry.

“Porsches draw on their heritage in a distinct way that makes them easily recognizable and cherished,” continues Kinch, exclusively speaking to Gentleman’s Journal. “This design continuity is what has defined Porsche over the past decades.”

Here at The New Gentleman we have picked what we think are the most beautiful looking Porsches to ever leave the manufacturing line.

1939 Type 64

1951 Sauter 356 Roadster

1968 911 S Softwindow Targa Sportomatic

1979 911 Turbo

2016 991 GTS Club Coupe




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