Bicep Moves You Should Be Doing And Mistakes You Should Stop.

A lot of men struggle with increasing the size of their biceps in the gym and it is because of three mistake everyone makes: ego, technique, triceps.  You need to keep all these in check if your biceps are going to grow. You know the old saying curls get girls. 

Warm up

It sounds boring but unless you want to snap your bicep, warm up first before you even think of curling anything. The increase in temperature will help reduce the risk of rips and tears and deliver more red blood cells. 

Research published in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that intense stretching after working a muscle group has the potential to increase its mass by 318 per cent in 28 days.

Weighted Pull Ups

Not many guys are doing this exercise in the gym which is surprising as it is one of the best for building mass in your biceps. Unless you are a newbie, you should be incorporating weighted pull ups into your worked. 

One Arm Cable Curls

The biggest advantage of this move is the big peak contraction you can get from it. As a result of your arm position and load on the machine you are able to squeeze the bicep to its limit on every rep, also the cable will provide sustained resistance. This move is perfect for  developing a mountain ‘peak’ in your biceps. 


To get the most from your bicep exercise you need to have perfect technique, this is true for all exercises in the gym but when it comes to biceps this is more imperative.  For most biceps exercise including curls, cable curls, hammer curls, you need to retract your scapula to prevent your deltoids playing a role in the movement. 

Full extension when it comes to bicep exercises is a rare sight in the gym, if you are not getting a full extension it probably means you need to get rid of your ego and lower the weight so you can control it going up and down. 


Everyone (well almost everyone) knows the key to huge biceps is having equally huge triceps. It’s impossible for your biceps to grow or look big without you working triceps. After all your tricep’s three heads form 75% of your all arm, so don’t think you can skip triceps. 

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