Property Of The Week: North Bondi.

Where other publications usually write about expensive but boring mansions, we like to look out for those architectural marvels.  This property in North Bondi an eastern suburb of Sydney definitely fits the bill. It has been designed CplusC Architectural Workshop and comprises materials such as timber, steel and burnished concrete in order to create a natural look.

The designers told the gentleman at Gentleman’s Journal  “social spaces based on the basic need to sit, eat, read, study, entertain and relax are essential”

The designers have really shown this ethos in the design for the property, the two-storey 2,271-square-foot house is split into communal and private spaces. Downstairs houses the entertainment space, here you can find the kitchen, dining area and outdoor space. This space is created purposely to house a large group of people and to let in as much natural light as possible to “reflect the changing qualities of the year”. For film buffs there is a media suite which leads to the entry courtyard.

The crown jewel of this property is the ground floor pool, which shares some space with the BBQ area, the transparent wall breaks barrier between interior and exterior the pool can be seen from the lounge, dining room and kitchen. Because the wall allows light to be reflected and refracted from the water it gives the house a tranquil quality that can’t be recreated. 

The pool was meant to be made out of concreted but the designer made the choice to mix things up and compose it from acrylic and thank god they did. 

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