Jaguar E-Type Zero: Most Beautiful Use Of Electricity In A Car?

It has almost been 60 years since the world’s most beautiful car the Jaguar E Type hit the road.  And still in 2018, the car still turns more heads than all the Bond girl combined. Jaguar E-Type Zero

We can all be thankful of the current trend of remaking classic cars, as the classics department at Jaguar has not only managed to remake the E Type, they have also given it a new electric powertrain. Here at The New Gentleman we don’t know if this blasphemy or a beautiful twist to a classic car. Right now there is only one Jaguar i  the world with such an addition. But Jaguar say they can convert any classic Jaguar and change it back if needed. 

Any Jaguar with an XK engine (which should cover most of the models bought in the Fifties) can be modified  with the electric powertrain. Some of you are wondering why you would, let some scientists mess up your piece of history with their modern technology. Equipping your E- Type with an electric powertrain , gets rid of 80kg of weight, which translates to 0-60 in 5.5 seconds. 

Jaguar says that this one-off car is valued at about £1 million.

Check out GQ’S hands-on review of the new E Type. 



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