John Surtees’ 1957 BMW 507 Roadster IS Everyman’s Dream Car.

If you are in the market of a new set of wheel, look no further than this vintage BMW. And its claim to fame? It once belonged to the late John Surtees, it’ll go on sale for the first time at this year’s Festival of Speed.

The one-owner 1957 BMW 507 Roadster currently has a pre-sale guide between £2m – £2.2m and comes directly from the estate of the former F1 and Grand Prix motorcycle legend. When Surtees purchased this BMW, he was the current reigning 500cc Motorcycle World Champion in 1957.



According to action house Bonhams, Surtees fell in love with the car when he saw then-BMW engineering director Alexander von Falkenhausen driving one at Hockenheim. “He saw me looking at it, and said to try it,’’ Surtees recalled. “I came back thinking ‘that’s rather nice’.’

The car was eventually gifted to Surtees by Count Domenico Agusta as a reward for his World Championship success . Being a great gentleman Surtees went halves on the car with Agusta due to the cars £3,000.

Surtees enjoyed the car in Europe for a while, but complained that the model he received was not as powerful and  did not have the same breaking abilities as the model he tested. BWM listened to his concerns and carried out the required modifications and “breathed upon” his car’s V8 engine, enhancing its power and torque.

Surtees kept the car until he passed away in 2017, and now this 507 will be offered at public auction in July. 

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