Karlmann King is The most Expensive SUV At £1.2 Million.

It looks like something straight out Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. But this SUV is a beast in its own right.  Only a few select models will go on sale, if you have a few millions lying around. 

The Karlmann King has been designed by Chinese firm  IAT Automobile Technology, it took a team of 1,800 people from Europe to bring this beast to live.  The Karlmann King is built on a Ford F-550 body and it will cost £1.4 million minus any customisations.  

It weighs a staggering 4,500 kilogram, this weight can go up to 6,000 if you get the armoured versions. To move all this weight, under the hood there is a fuel guzzling 6.8 litre V10 engine. 

On the generic version of this SUV, the body is made out of carbon fibre and steel, but as we said you can customise the body to be bulletproof. The interior of the car does not match the energy of the exterior. Inside you will be treated with leather seats, a tv, gaming console, champagne limo and mood light for special occasions. Basically this SUV is just a very aggressive looking limousine. 

This car is made for the wealthy oligarch who wants luxury but also wants to safe in the ensuing revolution. The only downside is that speed will not be their friend, this SUV only goes up to 87 mph.  


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