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Lacoste Will Replace Their Iconic Crocodile With Endangered Animals.

French brand Lacoste will be temporarily changing their iconic green crocodile logo with symbols of 10 endangered animal species. 

This will be done for their new limited edition “Save Our Species”collection created in partnership with International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The collection will consist of 1,775 polo shirts. If you keep up with endangered species you will know it corresponds to the remaining population sizes of the endangered animals left in the wild. 

The endangered animals include the Vaquita dolphin, Burmese roofed turtle, Northern sportive lemur, Javan rhino, Cao vit gibbon, Kakapo parrot, California condor, the Saola, Sumatran tiger, and the Anegada ground iguana. 

The shirts will retail at $183, of which the proceeds will go to the IUCN to help in fight to protect animals. 

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