Bandit9’s L-Concept Bike Is Art On Two Wheels.

Futuristic, stripped down, this all-chrome bike should be the next addition to your garage. 

Billed as a vehicle to “push automotive design to new heights and you into the future”, the L-Concept by Ho Chi Minh City-based studio Bandit9 Motors, certainly lives up to its description. 

This bike is minimalism in its most excessive form, the bikes beauty stems from what seems to be a minimalist design, which consists ester eggs most sci-fi film lovers will adore. The suspended  125cc air-cooled engine is elegant and curved, the engineers took cues from the USS Enterprise reactor. Even though the body looks like its entirely metal, there is a metal LED grid face, which mimics 'HAL' from  2001: A Space Odyssey. This  grid face serves as indicator and braking lights. The engineers made the maneuvering controls small and positioned them upright, so it would feel like you were riding  speeder as opposed to a normal road bike.  

The seat, gas tank and cowl are all combined into one shiny, chrome unibody. 

If you are a bike or sci-fi aficionado, this is the bike you have been waiting for. Unfortunately only six were made and there is only one left, so if you would like to own one of the most unique bikes in the world. You have to move fast.  

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