On ‘Punish A Muslim Day’, Remember Muslims’ Contributions To Society.

In the past few days disgusting leaflets urging Islamophobes in England to 'Punish a Muslim' have been circulating and the BBC has reported that 4 MP's were also sent the harmful leaflets. 

It seems like a minority of people in western nations have forgotten the contributions that Muslims have made to make our society better. 

The first and most important Muslim contribution can be found in medicine. It is known that the Greeks were ahead of their time, their civilisation had the first known sewage system. Aquaducts provided running water to town and cities using gravity alone.  However, where the Greeks excelled was their advancement of medical knowledge, this knowledge would have been lost had it not been for Islamic scholars preserving this information.

Arab scholar translated philosophical and scientific works from Greek, Syriac (the language of eastern Christian scholars), Pahlavi (the scholarly language of pre-Islamic Iran), and Sanskrit into Arabic. This made Arabic of the most important scientific languages for decades. 

During this time Europe was going through the 'Dark Ages' following the deterioration of the Roman Empire. Historian David C. Lindberg referred to the Dark Ages as "a time of ignorance, barbarism and superstition" for which "blame is most often laid at the feet of the Christian church". Let it not be forgotten the during this period the Christian church was more focused on giving priority to superstition and people paying indulgences until Martin Luther published the '95 Theses' question such action.

It isn't just medicine that Muslim's have impacted, white Christian scientists and philosophers usually receive accolades in the history books but in fact a number of the achievements were first completed by Muslims.

For example: Ibn Sina (d. 1036) used an air thermometer and Ibn Yunus (c. 900) used a pendulum many centuries before Galileo, al Idrisi (c. 1OOO) discovered and mapped the sources of the Nile River nine hundred years before the Europeans, and al Zarkayl proved that the planetary orbits were elliptical-not circular-many centuries in advance of Copernicus. 

The historical accuracy of these claims cannot be questioned, yet it seems everyone would rather disregard all Muslims as being terrorists, yet no attention is paid to the scientific discoveries that western civilisations have developed which have a direct link to Islamic scholars. 

In the present day Muslims are a part of our everyday lives, Muslims are doctors, lawyers, nurses, shop owners, mayors and MP's. Muslims must be treated with respect like any other member of society.  

Sadiq Khan Mayor Of London.

We hope no Muslims are harmed on this day, and urge everyone to stay safe. Please like our Facebook Page Below To Stay Updated. 

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