Property Of The Week: Perkins+Will São Paulo House.

Global architecture firm Perkins + Will have built this property which has shuttered bedrooms perched atop the upper storey. Thin columns create a shaded outdoor living space underneath. 

The Residencia Cidade Jardim in São Paulo comprises a series of perpendicular bars arranged on different levels. Ample outdoor space is the focal point of this property, for example, the large covered patio, pool, grassy lawn and open air courtyard. 

 In Portuguese, cidade means city and jardim means garden. This property has an endless number of place to dine outside with guests and its layout makes it one of the best properties for summer parties.

“Built on approximately 3,937 square feet (1,200 square metres) of terrain with considerable declivity, the project uses solutions commonly found in country homes to create a soothing atmosphere in the turbulent, chaotic scene from the big city,” said Perkins+Will.

Space for entertaining occupies the ground floor whereas the bedrooms are nested away in the upper story. “Privacy was the main point in the organisation of the ground floor programme,” said the firm.

To enter the residence, one must go up an external staircase that leads to the main entrance.

“The ground floor is located nine feet (2.7 metres) above the street level, as a strategy to prevent inconveniences like noise and pollution, or even the need for big security walls that would confine the space,” the firm said.

The wooden shutters covering the windows can be opened or close to maximum privacy. The upper storey contains a lounge and three bedrooms, which are accessed by a metal and wood staircase situated along a gridded glass wall.

This property is truly remarkable, the  decision to open up the ground floor to the outside gives the house a certain tranquility that cannot be recreated with any interior design. The man responsible for the landscaping that bring the proper to life is Gil Fialho, who selected local species that would amplify the lush surroundings.


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