Samsung Have Released Designs For Phone With Foldable Screen.

For those with low attention spans. 

Studies have revealed that most smartphone users are usually scrolling down their Facebook/Twitter timeline when they are watching Netflix. With features such as dual screen on Samsung phones, most of us are rarely ever just doing one thing at a time. Call it addiction, productivity or boredom we have become used to staring at two screen at one time (rip retinas). 

A smart move by Samsung, then, to include three OLED screens on their upcoming Galaxy X foldable handset.

With what looks like a device designed by Tony Stark, according to The Bell, Samsung is trying to bridge the gap between smartphone and tablets with one game-changing move. 

We have heard in the grapevine that the front screen will come with two 3.5-inch screens to stretch to a 7-inch tablet display. At the rear will be a 3.5-inch screen that can drop down to add another view. 

Samsung say they will confirm the final design by June so the specifics could change, whether or not this will just be a useless gimmick is yet to be revealed. Regardless the concept just looks cool which will be the motivation most people need to part with their hard earned money.  

The concept phone will have an initial limited release for Samsung to gauge the public reaction.  

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