Yacht Of The Week: Abeking’s Awesome Aviva.

Unique. This is the word that describes the Aviva.  

To fully understand what make the Aviva great you need  to know the specifications the owner gave the designers. Unlike most millionaires who commission yachts, this particular owner was not looking for a vessel to be used for short holidays. Rather the owner intended to spend 10 months on the yacht every year.  Trusted design duo Reymond Langton who designed the 2010-built Aviva had to throw everything they knew about building yachts out of the window.

When you are building a yacht as a home everything changes. We all enjoy the occasional hotel stay, but no-one would want to spend 10-months in a hotel. This is the hurdle Reymond Langton had to jump. 

Abeking & Rasmussen who were in charge of the manufacturing were also caught off guard as they only had three years to construct the vessel – a whole 12 months less than what a project of this size normally takes to have ready for launch.


“One challenge was to make the yacht look long and sleek and at the same time having her look totally different from the previous Aviva as well as any other yacht out there,” comments Reymond Langton. “She had to be ‘unique’.”

“We have four colours, the blue for the hull contrasting the superstructure helps to visually reduce the height of the yacht and emphasises the length of the hull. The darker colour of hull is less contrasting with the sea and this combined with a bright metallic silver superstructure which reflects the blue of the sky help to reduce the apparent volume.”

The owner wanted to enjoy 'the luxury of space' on the yacht', so the designers made an abundance of natural light a priority. The upper salon would be the focal point of the yacht  and for this reason, a nine-metre-long glass section on either side of the saloon was installed that leads out onto a fold-down platform for the ultimate open-air lounge experience.

When you step inside the interior decks have a sci-fi inspired decor, this same theme is continued  on the carpets of the saloons and guest areas that bleed out onto the exterior synthetic decks. 

“The owner is not a traditional yachtsman and he did not want to have teak planking as all those stripes of black Sika bothered him after months on board [the smaller Aviva],”comments the designer. “The result is quite different as we have Esthec decking with different patterns on each deck flowing from inside to out.”

There is one secret this yacht has, in fact the owner challenged Reymond Langton to  hide a secret padel tennis court that guest could not find unless instructed by crew members or the owner himself.  

With a solid range of 6,000 nm at 13 knots, no ocean is too big for her to cross.An thanks to a high-tech hybrid system Aviva can cruise in complete silence at 11 knots without the use of her main engines.

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