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This Serial Dine And Dash Dater, Has Left Women Broke!

Paul Gonzales is a  Californian man whose primary claim to fame is being a serial dine and dash dater. Gonzales charms women who he then takes out on dates only to eat to his heart’s content and leave the women with an empty wallets and hearts. 

More than 20 women say they met Paul Gonzales on dating websites. After going on a first date, they were stunned when Gonzales allegedly devoures his steak dinner, and then sneaks out, leaving them with the check.

One of Gonzales’ most recent victims, who preferred to remain anonymous, told CNN affiliate KCAL that she had met the man on a dating app and agreed to go on a date with him. After enjoying a scrumptious dinner and two cups of coffee, the man reportedly started talking about his sick aunt and how worried he was about her. Then he excused himself to get the charger for his phone from the car, but never came back, leaving her to cover the $130 bill.

The more humorous aspect of this story is not only the fact that Gonzales is still at large, also he frequents the same restaurants and he is still successful. You would think after 20 women have reported him, his DM’s would be very quiet. 

Despite not being a gentleman in any stretch of the imagination, Gonzales seem to have mastered the art of talking to women. All the women he has cheated on all have corroborating stories. A  woman, named Carol, told Inside Edition that Gonzales went by ‘Mike’ on his dating profile, had a very interesting bio and “knew all the right things to say”.

Considering that many women are ashamed to reveal their full names the total number of victims is still debatable. 

A California attorney is urging dine-and-dash victims to file police reports, as this behavior is a crime in the state of California.

“You can be jailed for up to six months or fined up to $1,000 if your dine-and-dash bill was under $950,” Kelly Chang Rickert said.

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Just don’t use the power to do bad (à la Thanos)

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