Thousands Of Swedish People Are Embedding Chips Under Their Skin.

The rise of the machines will be facilitated by our need for convenience. 

Thousands of Swedish people are  inserting microchips into their bodies to make their daily lives easier. The chips mean they no longer need id cards, train tickets and key cards.

Some 3,000 people in Sweden have inserted a single microchip — which is as tiny as a grain of rice — under their skin over the past three years, Agence France-Presse reported. The technology was first used in the country in 2015.

“A slight sting”

The procedure seems to be fairly straightforward, it involves the same steps of getting a piercing. 28-year-old Ulrika Celsing’s microchip, which is in her hand, has replaced her gym card and office key card, she told AFP that she only felt a slight sting as the chip was insterted at a work event.

There are fears that the chips could affect physiology, Ben Libberton, a microbiologist at MAX IV Laboratory in southern Sweden, told AFP the chip implants could cause infections or reactions in the body’s immune system.

This clip below is from 2015 and it shows the procedure to get a chip implant.



Sweden is at the forefront of the biohacking movement (the modification of bodies with technology), the Swedes seem more willing than other to embrace this technology.

Passengers on Swedish railway company SJ have started using microchips as tickets.

About four years ago, Swedish biohacking group Bionyfiken started organising “implant parties” — where groups of people insert chips into their hands en masse — in countries including the US, UK, France, Germany, and Mexico.

In America, 50 employees at  Wisconsin vending machine company Three Square Market  agreed to have chips inserted into them. The price? They could use the chips to get free snacks, log into computers and use the photocopier.

If Biohackers keep finding ways to make life more convenient through microchips we could see the practice on a large-scale of the population bringing everyone worst Black Mirror nightmares to life.




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