Not The Onion

Maryland Shooter Fearful People Will Forget Him After The Next Mass Shooting.

Yesterday there was another mass shooting in America that has left five dead and many more injured.  The shooting doesn’t come as a surprise because Americans fail at every turn to implement laws that would limit the amount of gun violence. 

The shooter has been reported as Jarrod W Ramos, aged 38, he is just another in a long line of mass shooters this year (in other countries this would years). His lawyer has told the media that Ramos is fearful after everyone has been outraged on social media, called the victims and their families actors, the majority of people will forget he ever existed, the next mass shooter will take his shine.  

Ramos’ lawyer who is a NRA member states that he does not condone the crimes but, the second amendment can never be taken away from the public. He also told us that people should stop sending him hate mail for defending a mass shooter, who they claim is also another actor. He says “everyone should know from my support of the NRA that I’m morally irresponsible”.




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