The Dolomite Hotel May Have The Best Infinity Pool Ever!

I’m scared of heights so if you ever see me step into one, kill that clone.

Despite my fear, I do have to applaud the architects who find genius ways to slot infinity pools into their designs.  

Located in the low slopes of the Dolomites in Northern Italy is the Hubertus Hotel. Panoramic views, low-floating clouds and the tranquility of the 1.2 acre Alpenreych park in which the hotel sits only contribute to a peaceful, ethereal feel.

But the pièce de résistance of this newly renovated hotel which lies at the foot of the famous ski and hiking area of Kronplatz, is the swimming pool.

Dubbed the ‘Sky Pool’ the 25-metre pool sits atop a stone slab which is held up by reinforced wooden struts and is suspended 20 metres above the ground. And in case you somehow forget you are 20 metres in the air there is a small window which adds to the out of this world experience. 


The inside of the hotel is also breathtaking, it almost upstages the pool.  The modern meets traditional Alpine design and 16 new suites, a redesigned kitchen, restaurant and all-important wine cellar. For you fitness buffs, there is a fitness and relaxation room, complete with panoramic glass terrace. 

The exterior resembles a retreat, harsh concrete is offset by large wooden trunks. The Hubertus Hotel combines force and peace to create a wellness fortress. 



The only thing thats left is to check-in and then dive-in because you will never to laps in pool such as the one at the Hubertus.

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