Yacht Of The Week: Hessen’s Hybrid Home.

Despite all the luxurious amenities you can find on an expensive yacht,  the beauty of being on the sea is the silence that comes with it. And when most large yachts are surrounded by heavy machinery, what is meant to be a peaceful getaway could turn into an unforgiving excursion. 

With its new 50-metre superyacht Home (built as Project Nova), Heesen Yachts made sure that this will never be the case on board one of their quietest yachts to date.

This hybrid yacht from Hassan is fitted with an innovative hybrid propulsion package and based on Van Oossanen Naval Architects’ reliable and efficient Fast Displacement Hull Form.  The Home was the outcome of research that looked for the feasibility of hybrid power, the research found that yacht owners are now attracted to the new technology. 

The only negative of this yacht is that the hybrid power requires a lot of batteries, so there is limited power, cruises are limited to short trips before having to switch to conventional power. 

Although, the engineers have compromised and fitted a diesel engine to work in tandem with the hybrid power to create a noise-free environment. Sound levels in the master suite forward on the main deck read forty-six decibels; equivalent to the sound generated by soft falling rain.

The Home’s silhouettedirects you to the sundeck where you can escape to relax. An elegant and chic base during the day turns into a romantic hideout at night when the mood lighting takes over and reveals a bright and open space that is as suited for intimate family evenings under the stars as for grand events to entertain large groups of friends.

Inside the Home, the interior was left in the hands of Cristiano Gatto, the interior carries the fresh and contemporary look you expect from Hessen but there are little splashes incorporated by the owner.  

The interior’s pièce de résistance is the master suite on the main deck. This is a bright room to wake up in, the large windows facing the sea give you the best view on the yacht. It’s perfectly tucked away from other guest suites and has the most amenities on the yacht, there is a luxurious bathroom and even a private study area.  

On the upper deck is the sky lounge which is seems perfect for being an entertainment room, but the bar, abundance of natural light  and synthetic teak makes it feel as though you are outside on the swim deck. 

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