Coolest Things Of The Week.

If Friday was your pay-day, we have compiled a list of some of the best and coolest gear you can purchase. 

AeroBull HD1 Speaker

Are you in the market for some new speakers? I will be damned if you could find some which are more unique than this gold bulldog speaker from Aerobull. 

The speakers are the outcome of partnership between Jean Michel Jarre and Parisian Music Life Company.  The speaker set-up features an integrated electronic circuit for signal processing that had been specially designed to simultaneously reproduce both the bass and treble lines with optimum precision.

Land Rover Explore smartphone

Who better to make a tough smartphone than the best 4*4 maker in the world. 

Built to “work in places other phones can’t reach”, the Land Rover Explore is inspired by the ‘go anywhere’ attitude of the iconic 4×4 and has been designed for those with a particularly adventurous spirit.

The phone has a 5-inch HD screen which can be used by wet or gloved hands and there is a 4000m Ah battery to power it.   While the factory-fitted screen protector and case allows the Land Rover Explore to survive underwater to a depth of 1.8 metres, even in salt water.

Metaxas and Sins: Memento Mori

Unless you paid attention in Latin class, then you probably don’t know ‘memento mori’ means ‘remember you must die’.  Its probably not the best marketing strategy to remind your customers  about the morbid shackles we have on our lives. 

But I digress, the Memento Mori from Metaxas and Sins is a stunning headphone amplifier that combines art, contemporary sculpture and cutting-edge audio tech. 

It costs a cool £6,000, but not only are you paying for the “purest sound with effortless realism”, you are also paying for a piece of art which is CNC-machined from solid aluminium billet.

Lets be honest, I could go into detail about the technology used to make this thing, but we both know you will buy this because of how cool it looks. 

Gorenje VW ‘Bulli’ Fridge

The original split-screen Volkswagen Type 2 is one of the 20th Century’s most famous design icons. Now you can get this icon to brighten up your kitchen. 

If you care about the specifics, the fridge has a capacity of 260 litres and comes with an eco-friendly A+++ energy rating.

It also comes with IonAir and DynamiCooling tech which supposedly helps to keep your food fresher for longer by mimicking “the natural microclimate”. 

All this fridge will cost you £1,149.

Lifestyle by DS

DS Automobile may be good at making cars, but the have tried their hand at fashion… And they have succeeded.  The Lifestyle brand by DS is a showing of leather, namely the DS wallet and the ‘DS 48H Weekend Bag’.

They are crafted from  calfskin leather both the bag and the wallet make extensive use of the DS logo, the geometric design looking perfectly at home as a repeating pattern emblazoned across the front of the wallet and the bag’s upturned wings. 

£139 (wallet) & £780 (bag) dsautomobiles.co.uk




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