Everyone Of These Deserts Is Completely Edible And Tasty.

If you lived in a house with Ben Churchill you would have to be wary of any food he makes, the delicious looking food could taste like garbage and the garbage could be Michelin star quality.

The 31-year-old Food Illusionists has been blowing away people on social media with his crazy designs that blur the line between edible or garbage.

Ben, from London, has been taking inspiration from mundane objects and surprising fans of his work with his dessert creations.

Olive oil sponge cake with mint crumb, sweet milk foam and a baked apple puree (Picture: Ben Churchill)

‘My whole ethos is that they should taste delicious and the flavours should reference the theme,’ he told Metro.co.uk.

‘I got bored of conventional desserts so just started questioning it all,’ explains Ben. ‘The reaction to the food is always well received.

‘It’s anything from confused apprehension to nostalgic smiles, I always make people think. It surprises them, sometimes it puts them off but they always enjoy it in the end.

‘I hope to inspire people, anyone, to see how I do and try these desserts. I want to inspire them to think outside the box.’

Orange parfait, bubblegum meringue powder (Picture: Ben Churchill)

Ben has now got a book on the way to show you how to make weird looking food, the book will be called ‘Food Illusions Volume 1′.

Blood orange bavarois, Fanta syrup, lemon balm, chocolate (Picture: Ben Churchill)
Chocolate and beetroot cake (Picture: Ben Churchill)
Apple bavarois, stewed apple filling, chocolate maggots (Picture: Ben Churchill
Apple pannacotta, shortbread crumble, custard(Picture: Ben Churchill)
Granny Smith pannacotta, custard, granola, lemon balm (Picture: Ben Churchill)
Rose and orange entremet (Picture: Ben Churchill)
Chocolate Cake

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