Fashion Label MOGA No Longer Casting White Women In Their Campaigns.

‘We will no longer be casting or featuring white models’

A fashion label based in Melbourne will no longer be casting white women in any of their campaign after they revealed plans of a casting call in which they would not accept Caucasian applicants. 

‘We understand that our talent search comes at a time of heightened debate surrounding the issue of race and its depiction in the fashion industry…

The labels designer, 23-year-old Sri-Lankan born Azahn Munas,  says it’s not her company’s goal to alienate anyone, rather, she wants to use her platform to empower others. 

‘As a designer, it is never my intention to hurt or offend anyone, but to use the platform I have been given as a catalyst for change,’ Mr Munas wrote on a blog post.

‘We only have space for a handful of models and ambassadors for each of our campaigns, and we have to be very thoughtful on whom we choose to represent our collections.’


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