Political Insults: What They Mean And Who Uses Them?

Have you been in an argument online and been called an SJW recently? This is a favourite insult of the right, if you somehow still don’t know what this means this is going to be your definitive guide to being insulted online.

We just won’t be breaking down the insults, usually when I get insulted on the internet, I usually have an image in my mind of the person who has called me a cuck.


What does it mean?

SJW stand for Social Justice Warrior. An SJW is someone who is easily offended online and resorts to starting petitions about whatever grievance they have. An SJW is someone who doesn’t really care about the injustice they are fighting for, you will never see them actually trying to be the change they want to see in the world. But they are good at using hashtags and changing their profile cover.

However, the term has now lost its meaning because those on the right just use it as blanket term to anyone who doesn’t like Trump, you are also an SJW if you believe the fake news media and don’t get your news from Fox News and Breitbart.

Here is an example of SJW used in a sentence:


What does it mean?

This is a tricky one because it’s not purely a political insult, but it is now usually used in conjunction with SJW. It is a shorten form of the word cuckold which is a man who like to watch other man have sex with his wife or girlfriend.

Used in the political forum it can be taken to mean you are a cuckold of your political views or party. It is ironic because the people who use it are the biggest cuckold to the political parties.

Here is an example:


What does it many?

This is an insult the left uses to criticise those on the right who support Trump, like how most right-wingers paint all liberals with the same SJW brush. On the left, liberals paint all right-wingers with the stupidity brush.  Drumpf was actually the surname of the Trump family until it was changed.

Here an example:


What does it mean?

There is nothing I hate more than insults that are lazy, if you are going to insult me put some more effort into it. As you can tell this is just Trumps name combined with the word retard. I know Trump isn’t the highest grade of weed in the dispensary but liberals do better.


This one needs no explanation, if you call me a libtard, this is what I envision you look like…


What does it mean?

This insult can apply to you despite your political allegiance, commonly it used by right-winger who think the new generation is too soft. Mind you this is usually coming from the same people who used to have a mental breakdown if a black person go on the same bus as them.

Also people who use this insult claim back in their day ‘men went to war’ but now those men suffer from PTSD and the slightest noise makes them shake uncontrollably. Who is the real snowflake?

Definitely this guy…


Hopefully this guide will make it easier to understand when you have been insulted online, if I missed any insult comment below you SJW Trumptard.


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