Property Of The Week: Villa Chameleon.

You can guess why this Villa is named after the Chameleon, like the reptile this Villa blends in perfectly to its surroundings. 

The Villa is located in a village in southwest coastal Bali and with a perfect view across dense and picturesque forest.

From the minds of world-renowned architects Word Of Mouth, the villa is perched on a steep bank. Villa Chameleon was inspired and created with the notion of ‘landscaped architecture’ in mind. 

The result is a property that is one with nature — it disappears and emerges out of its surroundings, similar to a certain lizard. 

As traditional Balinese culture dictates, the different pavilions perform different functions, the living spaces are exposed to the elements and what it creates is a truly tranquil home. 

The house also gives back to nature, because of the use of locally-sourced materials, the villa has a very low-carbon footprint. Local artisans and designers were recruited to help in the construction of the villa.

There’s not many houses, I would give my right arm for, but I think I have finally found the one. 


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