Ryan Reynolds Is Producing A Drug Fueled Home Alone Film.

One of the biggest problems Hollywood is facing when it comes to a pre-millenium plot is smartphones. If you want to make a movie about how people act in 2018 most of the film would have characters who look at their phones more than they do to each other. 

Ryan Reynolds has found a loophole, his new film plans to get the protagonist so stoned that he can’t even work a keypad. 

His new film Stoned Alone will centre around a 20-something who misses a flight for a skiing holiday. So he does the only thing he could in that situation, he goes back home, smokes a joint and gets so high he begins to think his house is being robbed. 

His paranoia is soon vindicated, setting a series of Macaulay Culkin-inspired traps and tribulations in motion.

Reynolds will produce the movie, whereas Hollywood newcomer Augustine Frizzell (Never Goin’ Back, Euphoria) is set to direct.

Hopefully this film will join the ranks of Pineapple Express not be another run-of-the-mill stoner film. 

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