The Best Dressed Men This Week.


Whether you are looking for inspiration or you just want to match -up your style with celebrities, here are some of the best outfits we have seen this week. 

Nick Young

NBA superstars are infamous for some of their style choices but Nick Young puts on a great display here.  A silk half-and -half shirt is paired with some metallic trousers. 

Dominic Cooper

Not many men can pull off an all-blue affair, Dominic Cooper manages this with ease, he even adds on a special touch with polka-dot  socks. 

River Viiperi

You have never heard of him but you have probably worn the same clothes as the former Calvin Klein frontman. An on-trend striped Cuban collared shirt with white trousers is enough to make sure the imitation continues. 

Adrien Brody

I still can't stop getting flashbacks of his infamous "rastamon" SNL skit but Brody knows how to wear a tux. 

Toby Sebastian

He may never sit on the Iron Throne but he can still dress like a king thanks to Paul Smith's tailoring.  


"Take her to Chanel, 'cause she fine" sang the 45-year-old on his collaboration with  Rae Sremmurd. Pharrell is an old-friend of Karl Lagerfield so he never misses a Chanel show. He opted for an embroidered logo sweat and classic blue denim. 

Matt Smith

What people need to understand is that classic style will never die or be beaten by any trend. What your dad wore and his dad before him is a timeless style that will always look good. Matt Smith proves this with a neutral blazer. 

A$AP Rocky

Also known by his moniker 'Fashion Killa', Rocky's partnership with Dior has been serving both parties well, here Rocky shows us the best of grey tailoring. 

Sam Claflin

Sometimes all it takes is a simple shirt that can turn a suit from formal wear to casual wear. The 32-year-old wears a Brunello Cucinelli two-piece suit with a simple black t-shirt.


When choosing your rapper name you need to make sure you can live up to it. Desiigner rocks a pastel look anyone can easily copy with a few items in your wardrobe. Snap a pick with an insolent expression and you are good to go. 

Which style choice is your favourite?



Musician, Philanthropist, Zimbabwean Icon : Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi.

Musician, Philanthropist, Zimbabwean Icon : Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi.

If you asked most Zimbabweans which artist they would like to perform at their wedding, the answer will most likely be Oliver Mtukudzi. 

Tuku is considered to be Zimbabwe’s biggest artist, and one of the most influential artists in South Africa. 

Mtukudzi died in Harare after a long battle with diabetes, exactly the same day as his friend, the musician Hugh Masekela, who passed away on 23 January 2018.

Many people fell in love with his experimental spirit, his sound dubbed ‘Tuku Music’ was a blend of southern African music traditions, including mbira, mbaqanga, jit and the traditional drumming styles of the Korekore.

Indeed, even his journey to learn how to play the guitar was through experimenting with different sounds: 

I looked for a sound the guitar couldn’t make in a guitar – that is how I learned to play the guitar. Professional guitarist at the time use to laugh at me. I used to look for a mbira (music instrument) on the guitar strings. I’ve always been experimental. But it was a blessing in disguise because I went on to pioneer a sound that was later labelled Tuku music.


Mtukudzi was not just a good singer but his music always had an underlying revolutionary message. In his song “Todii” (What shall we do?), Mtukudzi reflects on the challenge faced by communities as a result of the scourge of HIV/AIDS. The song praises those who take care of those suffering from HIV, but at the same time admonishes those in the government who are responsible for allowing the situation to have gotten as bad as it did.  

The song Neria which is still considered one of the greatest Zimbabwean soundtracks, was written by Mtukudzi for the film of the same name. Mtukudzi crafted the soundtrack detailing the tribulations of a widow trying to survive past patriarchy in all its forms.

His 2001 song Wasakara, meaning “You Are Too Old”, was banned as it was seen as a reference to leader Robert Mugabe, who was ousted 16 years later aged 93. This song represented many Zimbabweans feelings to the former President, many praise Mugabe for leading Zimbabwe’s fight for independence, but his inability to leave office was very controversial.  

Mtukudzi is one of Africa’s finest musicians and the revolutionary zeal his music contains will create more Africans who will shape the planet to be the most prosperous in the world. 


On Saturday, his coffin was taken in a funeral procession through the national stadium in the capital Harare.

It was then was transported by helicopter to his home village, north of Harare.

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