This Fashion Brand Is Using Models With Self Harm Scars, Because 2018.

Fashion retailers are becoming more body positive and inclusive in their designs and advertising. This has meant we have seen more models from different backgrounds and more common body types as opposed to the touched up models we are used to. 

Goodbye Bread, a fashion online retailer, has taken this to another level by recruiting models with scars, primarily with self-harming scars. 

‘Body scars are a part of a person’s life journey that should not be photoshopped,’ they told Metro.co.uk. ‘Goodbye Bread wants to show to all girls out there that they should love themselves and reject fashion’s unrealistic standards.’

To me there is something off about a brand using shock tactics such as this to sell clothes. There is almost a danger of normalising self-harming to the younger generation. This brand has essentially used this marketing campaign to make headlines which they have achieved.

However, now we only know the brand for these pictures instead of the actual clothes they make, as a consumer when I go out to buy clothes, I don’t really want to see picture of people with self-harm scars.

I mean a quick look at Goodbye Bread’s website confirms the brand is more focused on the theatrics rather than the fashion. A number of the products they sell are very unimaginative, take a look below at some of their ‘designs’. 

The irony here being she’s a woman so she doesn’t have a dick.

I will leave you with the product description for the shirt…

Cuz zero fucks given. Dis short sleeve red t-shirt is perf for U bish. With ”Suck My Dick” in pink constructed from fuckin’ sequins, U can annihilate da shit out of dem. Soft cotton construction and boxy fit they’ll have em suck your non existing dick.


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