This How To Troll A Facebook Scammer Expertly!

We have all had someone try to scam us on Facebook, some target students claiming they will write dissertations for them, others pose as women looking for sex.

But this scammer had what he though was the perfect cover-up, he posed as a Facebook agent sent on behalf of Mark Zuckerberg.  His pitch? You have won a Facebook lottery and they want to send you your money  but it’s all in cash and there is a pesky delivery charge (which for some reason they can’t take off your winning).

The guy below decided to give the scammer a taste of his own medicine by proceeding to waste two hours of his time. 

Decided to have a little fun with someone trying to scam me on facebook, kept him busy for about 2 hours, feel free to share

Posted by Tom Sheerin on Sunday, July 22, 2018




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