Welcome 007: The James Bond Experience 10,000ft Up The Austrian Alps.

Do you remember the iconic sequence during Skyfall, where Bond causes havoc atop a mountain clinic. It seems the sequence is also a favourite of the producers of the Bond films because the Bond brand has just opened up a ‘cinematic experience’ on the very same Austrian mountain.

007 Elements as the museum / film set / gallery / exhibit / is to be known, it has just opened up in Solden, Austria. The cement and glass structure has been built-in to the mountainside, the experience is split into various section and rooms. Each room is dedicated to a different Bond film. 


From the entrance hall — a long, concrete space evoking the famous gun barrel sequence, through a Bond villains lair, to Q Branch, the spaces are distinct and creative but what links them altogether is the minimalism.

 Also, they keep the temperature at 1ºC so make sure to take a coat. 

You will get to see behind-the-scenes information more than any dvd can give you, videos and props from the film are scattered throughout. One of the planes from Spectre can be found here, including a Parker pen from Goldeneye, he skis used by Roger Moore in The Spy Who Loved Me, and a grappling pistol from Goldfinger.

Whilst the 007 Element experience is a must for any Bond enthusiast, the location makes it a must for even the casual viewer. Two cable cars are required to get to the 1,300 square-metre installation. The air is thin and the temperature is biting but it wouldn’t put Bond off, so why should it you?


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