Your Iphone Will Soon Be Capable Of Storing Your Passport.

I am not a full-fledged conspiracy theorist but I adamantly believe that the end of humanity will come about because of our need for convenience.

We recently wrote an article about people in Sweden who are getting chips in their hands so they don’t need to carry train passes around. This story scared me because, I always thought when people would start getting chips in their skin it would be when our AI overloads finally saw humans are nothing but a burden to this planet. 

Doomsday panic aside, Apple has revealed plans that they want to make their next generations of Iphones capable of storing passport data.

Why would anyone willingly give their personal information to Apple?

The same reason people willingly allow themselves to get chipped, send their DNA off to some Silicon Valley start-up….


The United States Patent and Trademark Office has revealed plans by Apple to hold ‘credential information being usable to establish the identity of the user‘ in its iPhones. In other words: your phone could soon store your passport.

There is someone, somewhere who is reading this and is excited for this feature. Congratulations you will be the end of us. 

Although, this feature will probably not see the light for a while. For this to become a reality, the way we think about border control would have to change. 

Apple is set to become the first company to reach a trillion dollar evaluation but this is not enough for government to start installing new and expensive equipment at airports, so that Iphone users can smugly avoid lines. 

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