Father Who Stole $51 Million Apologises With A Kiss.

There are a lot of reason to hate your dad, he might have been abusive or you might have never seen him. All these things are usually forgivable in some way, but can you forgive your dad who steals $51 million from you and refuses to pay you until you have taken him to court? 

What we are talking about is the Birdman and Lil Wayne saga which came to an end this weekend, with an apology. This left me thinking, can you ever beef a man who you have kissed on the lips for the world to see. In rap, even in 2018, being called gay is one of the worst things that can happen to a rapper.

Most of Ether is just homophobic lyrics directed at Jay-Z, whenever The Game gets into beef his past stripper life is usually brought up.  Lil Wayne and Birdman made sure they could never beef by kissing each other, there is nothing the two could say about each other on a record that could shock us. 

Now the apology has been made, hopefully the two rappers don’t take ‘kiss and make-up’ too literally. 



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