Hating Trump Is A VERY Lucrative Business.


There are a lot of reason to hate Trump, some are based on moral grounds, other reason include it’s just the norm to hate Trump. But all those reasons are at least somewhat justified, what if I told you the right amount of anti-Trump rhetoric can make you a millionaire.

 A lot of people think it’s only right-wing personalities that make money of being morally decrepit, if you think this then you are missing out on the money train. 

The most recent person to board the money train is Omorosa Newman, whilst you might think her leaking of the Trump tapes are the actions of person who has finally come to their senses. In reality this is a big money move that follows in the same vain as James Comey.  Omorosa was on the highest salary that anyone working in the aide position can attain, she gets fired from her job as Trumps aide and then goes into hiding for a couple of months only to release the Trump tapes as her book roll-out is underway. 

Omorosa isn’t alone, Peter Strzok a FBI agent who was found sending negative text messages about Trump whilst investigating the President during the 2016 election has shown us liberals are as braindead as some Trump supporters. 

The logical step after Strzok was fired (a justifiable termination if you ask me but I’m some libtard cuck) was for liberals to give Strzok free money for no reason at all, $434.585 at the time I checked his gofundme page.  

Part of the description on the page reads:

All funds raised on this GoFundMe will be put into a trust dedicated to covering Pete’s hefty – and growing – legal costs and his lost income. The trust is being created and details about its management will be shared here as things progress. We also appreciate your help spreading the word about this GoFundMe by sharing this link:

Andrew McCabe the former FBI Deputy Director also benefited from a gofundme campaign to cover his legal costs as well. Mind you, the FBI director according to the Office of Personnel Management as of 2017, should have an annual salary of $172,100. So as second-in-command McCabe was not living on pittance, and I’m sure he can afford to cover his own legal fees but he hates Trump so people are willing to give him money with no questions asked. 

And it’s not just former White House employees that are trying to make their bank account bigger, Michael Wolff proved journalists can also ride the Trump hating money train all the way to the bank.  After the release of Fire and Fury, it became a New York bestseller and  Henry Holt and Company the publisher of the book reported they had sold 700,00 copies plus 1.4 million orders placed. All this for a book that is mostly unsubstantiated claims that play to the public’s inherit dislike of Trump. 

If you hate Trump so much you are willing to part with your hard-earned money, please donate to a charity or better yet just burn your money.


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