Most Expensive

Most Expensive: Presidential Suite at Hotel Principe di Savoia Milan.

Not many people have the credentials to become president, but if you bank acocunt is up like Trump’s you too can be president for a day or two. 

The Presidential Suite at Hotel Principe di Savoia has become a symbol of the ultimate luxury stay in Milan, and recently was named one of Milan’s most luxurious hotel suites by Forbes. Located on the panoramic 10th floor of the hotel, overlooking the Piazza della Repubblica, this incredible 500 square metres (5400 sqf) Italian pad, consists of three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a restroom.

Walking is for the masses, you take an elevator to the top floor where the presidential suite is. 

There aren’t many places in the world where you can sleep, that have been slept in by Hollywood stars, world leaders or have even starred in films. I think it’s fair to say in the presidential suite you will literally be sleeping with the stars.

Spectacular view of the city

A great room deserves a great view, the private terrace runs the length of the tenth floor of the hotel, watching over the whole of the city beneath you.

The height of luxury

Most luxury suites  give you access to a pool, how about your own private swimming pool, sauna and Turkish bath set in an opulent, hand-painted and mosaic tiled lounge. 

For sure you’ll never want to sleep anywhere else when you visit Milan. The Presidential Suite can be booked for €17,000 (approx. $19,237 USD) a night.


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