Woman Who Eats Too Much Praised For Being Brave.

I love The Independent but their spin-off magazine/newspaper Indy100 is cuck central, this is the headline they led with after plus-size model Tessa Holiday secured a Comopolitan UK cover: Tess Holliday’s Cosmo cover sends an important body positivity message.

I am struggling to understand what positive message one could decipher from looking at a morbidly obese woman. It’s great that the media is no longer putting pressure on women to conform to unrealistic beauty standards. But going from showing anorexic model to showing obese models is not progressive. 

This would be like going to a Alcoholic Anonymous meeting and they offer you crack, “Hey we know you are trying to quit this substance that’s ruining your life and health but here is another that’s different but is equally detrimental to your health. 

So, I guess the message we want to send to young girls now is, don’t worry about your health as long as you have 1 million followers on Instagram, you are perfectly fine.  Tess is 5.5 foot and weighs an enormous 280 pounds. For example, Lebron James weighs in at 250 lbs but he stands at a giant height of  6.6 foot. The difference here being Lebron can easily walk up the stairs without being out of breath. 

Now, I don’t want you to think I’m fat shaming Tessa because I’m doing more than that, I’m shaming her apparent social justice in which she claims she is changing the world for women. No darling, you ate a lot, someone took photos of you and now you have a following.  

Someone like Serena Williams has changed how people view female bodies, she isn’t dangerously slim or or dangerously overweight. She is a healthy woman who keeps to top of her health. 

I wonder if Tessa showed us what she ate to get to her size, whether or not people would still think she would be a huge inspiration. 

In the UK a couple of years ago there was a show about obese people swapping diets with anorexic people. At the end both people saw how dangerous their diets were. I challenge Tessa to follow my intermittent fasting diet for a week and I will follow what I assume is her eat whatever you want/ whenever you want diet. And you the people can indeed decide if we should promote Tessa lifestyle!

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