Would It Be Islamophobic If Boris Was A Comedian?

Boris Johnson has shot himself in the foot as many politicians usually do.

After he comparing Muslim women in burqas to “letterboxes” and “bank robbers”, he is now facing expulsion from his party.

His leadership bid if there was going to be one is now on life support. Usually such consequences are for monumental f*ck ups from politicans, but I’m still trying to wrap my head around what is wrong  with what he said? 


First of all the people that keep calling this racist especially Sky News with their poll need to stop misusing the word. At worst what he said was Islamophobic (Islam isn’t a race), at best it was decent joke delivered in the wrong setting by the wrong person.

Johnson is being killed for being the messenger instead of people actually listening to the message.  Ask yourself if what Boris said had come from the mouth of a comedian would it still be considered Islamophobic? 

To prove my point take a look at this video below 


The reason the video is funny is because the person is making a fun of how most women in niqabs look the same so a fashion show featuring such women would be ridiculous concept. 

Now we can look at Boris Johnson’s joke, the punchline is that women in niqabs look like bank robber or postboxes because of the slit in the headwear.  Which makes sense because the niqab is similar to a balaclava and a mailbox has a slit

Here is another video from American comedians Key & Peele, this time the joke is two horny Arab men are checking out women at a market but they are only getting aroused by seeing the ankles of the women because they are wearing niqabs. 

The punchline being Arab men rarely see a woman’s skin.  

I don’t personally subscribe to Johnson’s politics but it seems as though people were just waiting for an opportunity to destoy him and this joke was all they needed.  I get some on the left want retribution for the way Jeremy Corbyn has been labeled an anti-semite but this is not the way to go about it. Especially considering Emily Thornberry’s comment are much worse.

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