British People Are The Best In The World At Spotting Fake News.

Americans have long thought they have superiority over the British when it comes to the economy, culture and military spending.

However, Brits have always maintained, if guns were legal in the UK at least when you get shot you’ve got free healthcare provided by the NHS. 

Only a third of British people admit to having read a piece of deliberately incorrect fake news and believed it before finding out it wasn’t true, according to an Ipsos Mori poll which says we’re among the most news-savvy in the world.

Although, Brits do not place much stock in the fellow countrymen’s ability to distinguish between real or fake news. As, 59 percent of Brits disagreed with the statement “I am confident that the average person in Britain can tell real news from ‘fake news'”.

In other parts of the world, the countries where the most people admitted to having been caught out by fake news were Brazil (62 percent), Saudi Arabia (58 percent), South Korea (58 percent), Peru (57 percent) and Spain (57 percent). America came in with a surprisingly respectable 46 percent.

The study involved over 19,000 respondents from 27 different countries detailing their relationship to fake news, ‘filter bubbles’, ‘echo chambers’ and the post-truth media landscape. I wonder if Britain would place high on the list if the survey was ‘How many people believe slogans on the side of buses?’ 


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