The Best Men’s Aftershaves For Winter.

Winter does not just mean a wardrobe change, its also an opportunity to change your fragrances.

So less summertime spritz, more spicy, smoky scents best-paired with a roaring fire and your finest brood. 

Finding your fragrance is tricky but as always we have got you covered. 

Dior Sauvage

If you want the smell of Paris in a bottle (we’re talking romantic, Eiffel Tower at night Paris as opposed to 3am Pigalle Métro Paris) look no further than the Dior Sauvage. The fragrance is composed from a mix of bergamot and traditional spices. This scent is classic, it’s always present, but it’s never overbearing.

£73, dior.com

Givenchy Gentleman

There is a rule that a gentleman should never refer to him as such, but it’s not 1843 so Givenchy gets a pass on this reworked fragrance. Think a light blend of vanilla and pear that lends itself well to winter. 

£41, johnlewis.com

Commes des Garçons Wonderoud

This scent has its roots in the Middle East and has now had a Japanese imagining thanks to Commes des Garçons’ Wonderoud. 

£95, doverstreetmarket.com

Tom Ford Private Blend Vanille Fatale de Parfum

Tom Ford’s fragrances like most things that Tom Ford makes are luxurious. In this instance it means means a unisex cologne of saffron, roasted coffee and mahogany. You pay out of the nose for it but everyone else will thank you. 

£158, johnlewis.com

Cartier L’Envol

True to form, Cartier has produced a men’s fragrance full of the maison’s signature craftsmanship: L’Envol. Brewed from woody notes with the sweetness of natural honey, this amber nectar is the new gold standard for your bathroom cabinet.

£73, cartier.co.uk




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