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Vietnamise Girl Thanks NFL Supporters For Finally Seeing The Light.

Yesterday, Nike made one of the biggest advertising decisions when they made controversial activist Colin Kaepernick one of focuses in their new ‘Just Do It’ promotion. 

The response to that decision was swift with many disgruntled NFL workers throwing away, burning or cutting the Nike tags of items they owned. 

There is a well-known saying that minorities do the dirty jobs no-one wants to do and Kaepernick has just done the dirty job of convincing the masses to stop buying Nike apparel. Despite years of reports that Nike operates sweatshops in countries such as China and Vietnam, many people were happy to pay low prices (you know what we mean) for high quality.  

It has taken a black man for people to finally come to the conclusion that Nike is an evil corporation that puts money over people.  In fact their decision to sponsor Kaepernick was done purely for money, many people have been making large profits  through selling unlicensed merchandise with Kaepernick’s likeness.  

Nike just couldn’t let American manufacturers usurp the roles of their sweatshops workers, one of which we managed to interview.

Twelve-year-old Nguyen told us: “Thank  you Americans for finally seeing how bad Nike is, if you stop buying Nike clothes they will stop forcing us to work 15-hour shift with no breaks.”

“Although, can you not burn the products, you are burning shoes that have been made with our blood, sweat and tears literally.”



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