Wacht Of The Week: MBandF HM4 Thunderbolt RT.

Maximilian Büsser & Friends has officially unveiled his latest masterwork, the stunning MB&F HM4 RT special edition.

This timepiece is a confusing one so we will let MB&F describe it to you:

“With its satin-sheen red gold case, HM4 RT transforms the Thunderbolt into a Jules Verne flying machine. The sleek aerodynamic case blends majestic red gold with transparent sapphire crystals offering a stunning view into HM4 RT’s specifically-developed, in-house engine, the complex micro-mechanics of which are the result of three long years of development.The striking, transparent sapphire section of the case requires over 100 hours of machining and polishing to transform an opaque solid block of crystal into a complex, exquisitely curved panel allowing light to come in and illuminate the beauty of HM4 RT’s engine.”

This timepiece is not the most technical, it doesn’t have the most extravagant movement, but this is hand down the coolest watch I’ve seen in 2018. This watch is similar to having a private jet on your wrist that will turn heads in every room you walk into.  

Each of the 311 components was developed specifically for this calibre. Horizontally-configured dual mainspring barrels drive two vertical gear trains, transferring power to the twin pods indicating hours and minutes on the right, power reserve on the left. With the dials perpendicular to the wearer’s wrist, HM4 might be described as the perfect pilot’s watch.


  • HM4 Thunderbolt in grade 5 titanium and sapphire crystal
  • HM4 Razzle Dazzle and Double Trouble in riveted titanium and sapphire, with hand painted nose art
  • HM4 RT in 5N red gold, grade 5 titanium and sapphire crystal
  • HM4 Final Edition in blackened titanium and sapphire crystal
  • Dimensions: 54 x 52 x 24mm


  • Three-dimensional horological engine developed with Laurent Besse and Beranger Reynard
  • Manual winding with two mainspring barrels in parallel
  • Power reserve: 72 hours
  • 311 components / 50 jewels

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