Bentley Mulsanne A Masterclass In Tradition Amplified By The Modern.

Before we begin, am I the only one who in their sleepy haze read the new Bentley model as the Mussolini?

Strange though about an Italian dictator aside, here is the new Bentley Mulsanne.

“With Bentley, we always try to do classic, timeless designs,” says Stefan Sielaff, Director of Design at Bentley, and Head of coachbuilders Mulliner. “We do not have to be noisy, because our customers appreciate the elegant and quiet statement.”

Bentley took a bold move in the construction of this new model, when it comes to a company like Bentley they could create an extravagant car to appeal to their super rich buyers. But they could ignore all the noise and create an understated car that still oozes luxury. 

Named for the Mulsanne Corner of the Le Mans racing circuit, it’s a car that takes the traditional Bentley style — and then softly adds a modern touch.

“We take the time to mature the design themes that we work out for our future Bentleys,” reveals Sielaff. “Everything which is perfect takes time, like a fantastic wine or an extraordinary cheese. So, despite the fact that we develop our new designs digitally these days, we strongly believe in craftsmanship. This means that we mill our data in clay and work together with our modellers on full-size clay models.

“With Bentley, we always try to do classic, timeless designs…”

The Luxury Trio

As if one Mulsanne isn’t enough, Bentley have given buyers three variants of the Mulsanne: the Speed, the Extended Wheel Base and the Signature. 

The Mulsanne Speed is the most powerful model, and as the world’s most powerful four door car, it’s built for a driver who appreciates the full potential of near limitless power — twinned, of course, with exceptional levels of luxury. 

Mulsanne Speed

The next model is the  Extended Wheel Base. It is the most luxurious of the trio, you can expect world-class comfort and one of the best chassis around for the best travel experiences around, bar a Rolls Royce.

With the extended wheel base this is geared more to people who want to be driven but it is still perfect for taking the reigns for a Saturday afternoon drive. 

The Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheel Base

The final Mulsanne, the Signature, is Bentley’s display of visionary design. Timeless elegance and design innovation deliver the pinnacle of luxury, whilst simultaneously delivering phenomenal power. 

“One-offs or a very limited edition is what our customers are asking for,” says the design director. “It is very clear that customers realise the power of the luxury brand Bentley and that they dream of something within this brand – something that only exists once. We are doing ever more to fulfil this wish now, step by step and together with our customers, so they can truly achieve their dreams.”

For the first time, the Flying B mascot, which epitomises every luxury Bentley is to be optional on the Mulsanne. Even if you do opt in, the iconic adornment is retractable.

Bentley have mastered the understated style. 


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