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Florida Man Solicits Sex In Exchange For Installing Speed Bumps.

Welcome to  Florida, the crazy capital of the world!

An ethics panel has found probable cause against a Florida mayor accused of soliciting sex from a resident in exchange for installing speed bumps in her neighbourhood.  

People in Florida have tried to solicit sex for a number of things, drugs, money, food etc. But speed bumps is a new one, we don’t know who needs speed bumps that urgently. 

In a statement Wednesday, the Florida Commission on Ethics said it found probable cause that Lantana Mayor David Stewart “misused his position to attempt to obtain a sexual benefit for himself.”
Stewart may settle the case or request a hearing before an administrative law judge. He has denied the allegations. He told the Daytona Beach News-Journal it was “inappropriate to comment at this time.”
In her January complaint to the commission, Catherine Padilla said Stewart promised the speed bumps she wanted as a safety measure would be approved if she had sex with him.

This story come after two-eleven year old girls tried to kill a classmate and drink their blood. We will let you stew on that today and not even provide a link so you have to look it yourself.

Florida is one of the few places in the world we just need to throw away and start over. 

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