Nestled In The Forests Of Montana Is A Hidden Gem.

When you think of Montana you think of clear water rivers, log cabins and roughing it out in the wild. What if I coaxed your desire for luxury, with a property nestled deep in the Montana forest. 

Completed in 2016 by Carney Logan Burke, the home was built to house the art collection of the owner, but the beautiful architecture may add the home itself into that collection.  

9,000 feet of connected buildings surround an elevated courtyard, rooms built from wood sitting atop stone walls that extend into the landscape.  It is the best design to house an art collection, the abundance of natural light is the environment art is meant to be viewed in — the windows letting in this natural light are also a window out to the nearby meadows and mountains which can be endlessly enjoyed. 


I don’t know about you but I am fond of meditation and jogging, they are both excellent at clearing one’s mind.  You can start your morning with a run through the old pine forest before you return to the home’s meditation area to relax. And for those moments you need to just think, a amble across the glass bridge is perfect.   

You can take in the secluded views of an aspen grove canopy from the private pool and deck. 

Since the house is surrounded by nature, it was imperative to make the inside similar to its surroundings, the floors are made from walnut, and the walls created with wood, cut Montana Sandstone and clear cedar. This create a soft and clear palette that is amplified with the natural light, all whilst not taking away  from the art. 

What I love about this property is that the designers could’ve just built another extravagant cabin in the woods with all the trimmings, yet they made amplifying the art the house would be draped in a priority. The results speak for themselves. 

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