I’m Tired Of Seeing Movie And TV Theories!

Thanks to services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, a lot of us now do not have the patience to wait for our favourite shows. When a new series is released we binge watch it in 24 hrs and crave it like an addictive drug until we repeat the cycle again.  

But this now means people are no longer content with the watching a show or movie without spoiling it for themselves by undermining the writers with their stupid theories that are published everyday by media outlets desperately milking you for every like and click. 

HBO has just released the Game of Thrones teaser trailer which means we now have the pleasure of article filling our feed with pointless theories, instead of people just waiting patiently for the new season to answer their questions.

Here are some of these pointless articles:

I hate articles like this with a passion, a former GOT star who hasn’t been on the set gives their two cents and everyone loses their minds.


You have to add ‘spoilers’ in the title to trick the mouthbreathers of this world to click on an article of a theory conceived by another mouthbreather.
Imagine spending thousands getting a degree in journalism and this is how your talents are best used. It’s a cruel world!

And it’s not just the GOT crazies, it’s also the Marvel fans who can’t keep it in their pants, everyday some idiot journalist has a new idea on how Thanos will be defeated. What is going on in your life that one of your biggest worries is how a CGI thumb will be defeated.

These articles were all released this week, seven months since Avengers premiered, think of all the things that have happened in the past seven months that have been forgotten. Dozens of school shootings, escalation of the Yemen crisis etc, but this is what everyone is preoccupied by.  

Well-done world we are now a bunch of mouthbreathers who only care about CGI dragons and magic men with rings. (I feel bad for all those people who were bullied for liking Lord of the Rings way back)


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