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The Time A Luxury Concierge Service Flew In-N-Out Burgers On A Private Jet.

How do you know when you are wealthy not rich? 

If this article title didn’t surprise you then you are probably wealthy and are used to getting your favourite food delivered on a private Jet. 

An executive at an NYC luxury concierge service says they once fulfilled a last-minute request to fly In-N-Out burgers from the West Coast to NYC in a private jet.

“It was just their food traveling,” Skie Ocasio, vice president of operations at Luxury Attaché, told Business Insider. “This was a couple of years ago, but it was a request that our team was like, ‘How are we going do to this?’ and ‘Shouldn’t we just fly them commercially?'”

After looking through the options, the team at Luxury Attaché decided that a private jet was the only way they could pull this off. Which means that a In-N-Out burger has flown in a private jet. A feat most people will never be able to achieve.  

Hopefully, when the burger arrived it was still hot, because I imagine someone who is willing to pay fr a jet for his burger would not be impressed if it was cold.  


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