Todays Biggest News Stories In Bitesize Chunks.

The world moves fast and sometimes you can’t keep up with every single news item. Here is a list of everything going on in the world that you need to know. 

1The California wildfire ares still out of control and hundreds are missing.  The death toll stands at 31, thousands of homes have been destroyed and authorities are still struggling to contain the flames. 

A horrible day for all those affected but conspiracy theorists are hard at work proving the  fires have been caused by aliens. 

2. Alibaba have just broken ever single shopping record in the past 24 hrs. The Chinese e-commerce giant has stunned everyone by achieving $30.8 billion in sales over the last 24 hours. 

3. UK Prime Minister Theresa May has said Downing Street is open to foster a “different relationship with Russia”. Mays say the UK is willing to cooperate with Russia if the Kremlin changes its ways and stops “attacks” that undermine international treaties and security.

4. China says they are ready to open up the economy even more. The Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has called for a “world economy”. 

5. During a speech with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in attendance, Emmanuel Macron admonished nationalism.

“By pursuing our own interests first, with no regard to others’, we erase the very thing that a nation holds most precious, that which gives it life and makes it great: its moral values.”

6. The Midterms maybe over but there is still turmoil in Florida. The secretary of state ordered recounts in three races, and thanks to baseless claims of voter fraud from people such as the President, political tensions have reached a fever pitch.   

7. Twitter is losing a war against scammers claiming to be Elon Musk. The fake accounts are being used to promote cryptocurrency scams. Twitter have been trying to curb people creating such accounts, but I think if someone is crazy enough to take financial advice from a Elon Musk profile with 10,000 followers it’s their fault.  


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