Cartier’s New London Flagship Store Is A Mecca For Horologists.

Cartier’s new London temple joins their existing location in Paris and New York. Each Cartier flagship is located in the city where the three Cartier brothers call home.

The new store has catered to all Cartier characteristics, and every single space is geared around showcasing the brand’s storied watches.

We wouldn’t blame you for spending most of your time ogling the watch installation but every once in a while you need to look up and admire the light installation. Each has been modelled by a famous designers in order to compliment the room and tailor the mood creating a warm and welcoming environment for everyone.

If you take the staircase up to the first floor you will be greeted with rare and spectacular pieces, go up one another flight of stairs then you’ll find a fully equipped bar where the brand hopes to host events and private meeting.

In short this new store from Cartier is the future for most stores, no longer are physical stores places to buy items. People now want an experience and Cartier has pulled this off,