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Is Trump’s Mar-A-Lago As Bad As Everyone Says?

If you look up the reviews for Donald Trump Mar-A-Lago resort, you will most likely see negative reviews, whilst they are funny to read, most of the people entering these reviews have most likely never visited the resort.  

The property is the second-largest in Florida and twentieth in the US, facts that probably infuriate Trump who loves to be number one.  

When it comes to the food, Laurence Leemer, author of the upcoming book Mar-a-Lago: Inside the Gates of Power at Donald Trump’s Presidential Palace, out in January. Leemer, not a Mar-a-Lago member but a frequent guest, writes for Vanity Fair that the resort is rather unpleasant for its esteemed members these days.

“The service is terrible, if you’re not in, like, the four tables around the president, forget it,” one longtime member told him. “The servers aren’t well-trained. You have to beg for water. The food is the same menu year after year. People complain about it. It’s just not good.”

The “Trump Wedge Salad” is an enormous slab of iceberg lettuce covered with so much glutinous blue cheese dressing that the dish should rightfully be called “Trump Wedge Salad Dressing.” “Trump Chocolate Cake” is a humungous tranche of cake so sweet that it is a wonder there aren’t dentists on call to deal with cavities.


The estates at Mar-A-Lago are beautiful, this is a fact we can’t deny. There are rooms where you can open your curtains uo to the beautiful Florida beach.  

Guest Suites

Not everyone wants to live in the same property as Donald Trump, for those of you who just want a short stay there are plenty of guest suites you can book.  

The interior of most of the suite is inspired by European designs and most are named after their country of inspiration — as such there are Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and French suites. 


In terms of amenities Mar-A-Lago has plenty he Mar-a-Lago Club Offers a Wide Variety of Six-Star Diamond Amenities for Members and Their Guests. From the world class Spa and Salon, to the fitness center equipped with state-of-the-art workout machines, immaculate pool and beach club. 

For more active members there is The Mar-a-Lago Club boasts five championship red-clay tennis courts that are available to members and their guests. Although, Laurence Leemer says lately members have been critical of the noise around the tennis courts, which is caused by the current construction going in on the property.

So our advice is to wait for the building works to finish before you book your stay or purchase an estate.  

What do you think of Mar-A-Lago? Would you book a stay?

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