The Most Timeless Fragrances To Ever Make It To Bottle.

Our sense of smell is one of the greatest weapons we have at our disposal. During our evolutionary phase we used our sense of smell to warn us of danger and to make sure we didn’t consume something that could kill us. 

Now we don’t have to worry about being killed by rogue plants and animals everyday, we can use our sense of smell for more important things like making sure our fragrance matches how we are dressed. 

Choosing the right fragrance for yourself is a tough task, you don’t want to leave the house and smell like every other Joe out there. 

To guide you on you journey, we have compiled a list of what we think are some of the most timeless fragrance you can go for. 

Czech & Speake No. 88

The small London-based brand has been making waves with their men’s grooming products, but it is their first fragrance that many are calling a an instant classic. Its notes of sandalwood and geranium has made the brand’s first foray into flagrance a global success.

Creed Aventus

Not to be confused as a promotion for the new blockbuster film. Creed was founded in 1760 and is now in the hands of the two latest generations of Creed men. The Aventus was introduced in 2010 to celebrate the brand’s 250th anniversary and was instantly praised as being one of its greatest to ever make it to bottle.

Tom Ford Oud Wood

Rare. Exotic. Distinctive. This is how Tom Ford describes Oud Wood, although they can not take all the credit for this signature scent. Walk into any Bhutan temple and you will see the monks burning incense sticks that influenced this fragrance. 

Clive Christian No. 1

The bottle this fragrance comes in is a work of art, Clive Christian  got a blessing from the Queen in order to be able to use the likeness of her crown on the bottle. They got some of the rarest, most expensive ingredients and combined them in a scent that lives up to its royal ascent. 

Penhaligon’s Blenheim

Originally created for the Duke of Marlborough, this fragrance is made for the English Gentleman. We see this fragrance as channeling everything Penhaligon’s has stood for over the past 147 years.