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Property Of The Week: The Futuristic Carey House.

Is it only me or does this look like a villains lair in every sci-fi film? If you ever want develop nefarious plans to takeover the world, then this stripped-back and futuristic edifice set to be built in the Hertfordshire woodlands is your best bet. 

 Designed for a private client by Henry Goss Architects, this property has not yet been built but thanks to photo-realistic and 3D visualisations, we can see how the home will look in the morning and at night. 

In order to blend in with the surrounding environment, the exterior is designed as a lightweight timber pavilion with two interlocking volumes that frame a south-facing courtyard.

If you are familiar with using wood to build house, you are probably scoffing at the idea of timber being strong enough to withstand British winds. But, a concrete plinth will anchor the building to its site, and a system of Douglas fir louvres will protect the property from overheating.

Although, the sleek design is enough to dissuade you from leaving a mark, this avant-garde abode is made for living. There is plenty of living space: a 12-person dining area, a home cinema, a gym, a games room and a top-lit swimming pool.

Carey house is an abode that is perfect for the modern gentleman. 

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